Breakfast Time!

ImageEvery morning we get up at 5:30am to get ready and be with the sloths by 6:00am so that we can prepare their breakfast. For the two-toed sloths this comprises of what are known here as barrow leaves and some string beans. We get big containers full of both and we have to sort and clean them before they are ready to be eaten. šŸ™‚ The barrow leaves that we feed the sloths are actually aĀ ChineseĀ plant that are grown here on a local farm. According to Catie the leaves taste like “cucumber-y lettuce”. (The picture above is me feeding my big girl Lilly. She is always excited to eat)


The three-toed sloths get a different meal prepared for them with some leaves from the cecropia tree and they get some cecropia flowers to much on. (flower seen above) After we are all done feeding the sloths we clean up and typically all go eat breakfast together at our little dining area before we move on to the next task of the day…

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  1. that is so kool looks like yum yum

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